Spring 2024 Issue:

Ask an Alum

What natural setting on or off campus was your favorite outdoor space while you were at Moravian?

Star-of-Bethlehem cascades down the slopes of South Campus in the spring. Phenomenal lavender (yes, real name) shoots forth a bush of purple-flowered spikes and perfumes walk-ways in summer. The flaming foliage of maples, oaks, and beeches sets the lawns of Comenius and Colonial Halls ablaze. Moravian’s campus offers many outdoor retreats. Here, alums share memories of their best-loved spaces.

Favorite Outdoor Space

“I recall a beautiful open grassy area behind the Hotel B where I’d go for solitude, to read and study. I also recall that when a young girl (now my bride of 35 years) drove up from Philadelphia to take me out of classes and surprise me with a picnic lunch, that’s where we shared it.” —Rev. John Fauerbach ’77

“My favorite outdoor space during my time at Moravian was the lawn and flowers in front of Comenius Hall. This is the most vibrant part of campus each spring, and it always made me smile knowing we had such a beautiful environment as the face of our university. I would often take the long way to Colonial Hall just to spend some more time near the garden.” —Sean McFarland ’21

“I always loved the area between Comenius and the library [the academic quad]. I enjoyed that space between classes as a nice fresh-air break to just wander around, sit and watch what was going on around campus, and/or take in the views—especially in the fall! It was a good way to refresh during the day.” —Fred Porter ’72

“Monocacy Park. The woods and creek were an escape.” —Mark Fontana ’86

Favorite Outdoor Space

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