Fall 2023 Issue:

Ask an Alum

What was your favorite meal, dish, or specialty menu at the dining hall when you were a student at Moravian?

Chicken in any form—nuggets, tenders, patties—had respondents salivating as they typed their answers. Midnight Oasis (an ongoing tradition) got rave reviews. And if you wanted a delicious made-to-order meal, Clewell was (and is) the place to dine. Here are the responses we received.

Ask an Alum

“Since I was from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, the food was not something I was accustomed to, so I didn’t have a favorite dish. All I remember is that the cooks found many ways to serve ground beef in a variety of dishes I never heard of. However, I did get to like veal parmigiana. Dessert was the only thing I really liked because that was not everyday fare at home. As a result, I gained 10 pounds my first year at Moravian. Playing on the field hockey and tennis teams helped to curb my weight gain.” —Mary L. Harley ’67

“Clam chowder and raisin bread with butter—warm and comforting. The bread was fresh and a delicious dunking treat. It was a Friday lunch special.” —Joan Taggart Koch ’72

“Cheese steak Saturdays on South Campus. Made to perfection by a great chef and the grill.” —Barbara Pomeroy Murphy ’78

“The made-to-order breakfast in the Clewell Dining Hall. Nevin would prepare whatever we wanted for breakfast as long as he had it in stock.” —Mark Fontana ’86

“Carnival Night at the HUB. It wasn’t that the food was so delicious but rather I enjoyed the sheer amazement that the ‘chef’ could effectively get rid of all the food that would otherwise spoil over the summer by melting cheese on it or deep frying it.” —Bob Franke ’86

“First thing that came to mind was ‘cream of yesterday’s ravioli soup’ but, really, the Greyhound dogs. Hot dog, cheese sauce, and bacon on a breadlike bun—a perfect combination.” —Philip Page ’87

“I graduated 35 years ago (how can that be?), so I don’t think I remember my favorite meal, but how about the funniest memory—taco soup. And you guessed it, made from the previous day’s tacos! I think I opted for some Cap’n Crunch.”
—Karen Mengel-Graham ’88

“Chickenwiches—no reason, but we loved them.” —Candyce Chimera ’89

“Definitely the fried chicken patty on a bun for dinner. Probably one of the least healthy choices, but they were delicious. Often followed by Old Milwaukee drafts at the SPO house across the street from the HUB.” —Paul Staudt ’90

“Chickenwich California—a chicken patty on a bun with lettuce and tomato.”
—Mark Fielding ’91

“Anything with all-purpose red sauce was my favorite because although it could never hold a candle to my mother’s Italian cooking, it made me feel like I was home.” —Christy Piazza Krouse ’91

“Chicken patty or chicken nugget day. The old-school kind ,which were probably frozen, but they were delicious and tender.” —Amy Endler ’93

“Pasta after wrestling practice.” —John McLaughlin ’93

“Rib-eque sandwiches. They were slathered in this tangy barbecue sauce.”
—Michelle LePoidevin Daino ’94

“Pierogies.” —Solita Twomey Tullo ’99

“I loved getting a grilled cheese sandwich made to order in Clewell Dining Hall! Mama and Cheryl knew the secret of the perfect grilled cheese—lightly grilled bread and lots of gooey cheese!.” —Jennie Hoose ’06

“The grilled chicken Caesar sandwich from the food court was amazing—freshly baked bread loaded with chicken, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing, yum! It was like a salad in a pizza shell. So good.” —Mindy Muffley Tkach ’07

“Chicken Ranch Wrap.” —John Bisco III ’08

“Mama’s cheese steaks in Clewell. Custom made with love.” —Andrew Lynn ’08

“Making my own breakfast sandwich(es) before leaving for a track meet on a Saturday morning. I could put as much as I wanted on that bagel. For some reason that meal just hit different at 6 o’clock in the morning!” —Matthew Wisotsky ’10

“Mac and cheese bar! So many yummy choices! Also the omelet station on weekends. Loved the chef.” —Shannon Algeo ’11

“Chicken Patty Day was always the best. It’s a giant chicken nugget, who doesn’t like that?” —Luke Smith ’11

“Lunch because there were always so many options.” —Melissa De Lucia ’12

“Definitely the tots during Midnight Oasis. There was just something special about those late-night tots.” —Sam Anderson ’13

“Made-to-order omelets—freshly made with fresh ingredients.” —Samuel Sortino ’14

“Pancakes and eggs during finals week!” —Max Korten ’16

“Patsy Melts! They had so much flavor, and nobody served it up like Patsy!”
—Matt Nesto ’16, G’21, G’22

“Omar’s Omelets! He’d always be down in Clewell, especially on weekend mornings, and I swear these omelets were the size of your face and always fantastic, and he was part of the Clewell crew that always showed happy faces.” —Crystal Smith ’17

“Burrito bowls at Sandella’s Cafe on South Campus. They were hot, delicious, and very filling!” —Brianna Marmol ’18

“Chef Steph’s Jamaican Jerk chicken! Seasoned to poultry perfection!” —Sara Weidner ’18

“Fresh Pasta Tuesdays with Chef Paul.” —Jess Buttner ’19

“The sustainable table: Mushroom risotto made by none other than chef Paulie.” —Maggie Jones ’20

“Fresh Pasta Tuesdays, especially when the pasta was made from veggies! I loved watching it prepared right in front of us too! 🙂 —Maci Kendrick ’20, ’23

“Midnight oasis or thanksgiving.” —Haley Rogers ’21

“Pasta Tuesdays were a chef’s kiss, but also the Swedish meatballs were surprisingly good.” —Janelle Pyar ’21, G’23

“Chicken tender Friday was a great way to start the weekend.” —Emily Buonocore ’22

“My favorite dish was the made-to-order breakfast at Clewell Dining Hall! I would always get two over easy eggs to start my day!” —Jessika Gross ’23

“The salmon cakes at sustainable table! It was a unique take on crab cakes and always had such great flavors.” —Sam Hickey ’23

“Chicken pot pie.” —Kieran Pisani ’23

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